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Ferns and Horsetails (Monilophytes)
Clubmosses and Quillworts (Lycophytes)
Ribbon Ferns, Brakes.

Small to large ferns. Rhizomes varied in form, scaly; fronds clustered or in tufts; 1-many pinnate; basal pinnae each having another pinna near the base or at least an enlarged pinnule; veins may be free or netted; sori on margins of leaf segments, covered by enrolled leaf margin.

About 250 species, mostly in tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world. Two species introduced and naturalised in Britain.

* indicates introduced species.
Pteris cretica* Cretan Brake Pteris cretica thumbnail, link to P. cretica page
Pteris vittata* Ladder Brake Pteris vittata thumbnail, link to P. vittata page
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