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Ferns and Horsetails (Monilophytes)
Clubmosses and Quillworts (Lycophytes)
Rhizomes erect, scaly; leaves 1-pinnate, evergreen; pinnae showing little variation in size; veins netted; sori distributed over most of lower surface of leaf, with umbrella-shaped (peltate) indusium.

About 15 species, distributed throughout tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia, Africa, the pacific and North America. 2 species are grown widely. One, C. falcatum has become naturalised in several areas in Britain and Ireland. C. fortunei has been found in several (mostly urban sites) and also in Cornwall. C. macrophyllum is another widely grown species that has been reported from a few urban sites, although its identity has not been definitely established.

* indicates introduced species.
Cyrtomium falcatum* Chinese Holly Fern Cyrtomium falcatum thumbnail, link to C. falcatum page
Cyrtomium fortunei* Fortune's Holly Fern Cyrtomium fortunei thumbnail, link to C. fortunei page
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