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Ferns and Horsetails (Monilophytes)
Clubmosses and Quillworts (Lycophytes)
Dryopteris cambrensis  •  Narrow Scaly Male Fern
Dryopteris cambrensis (Fraser-Jenkins) Beitel & W. Buck; D. affinis (Lowe) Fraser-Jenkins subsp. cambrensis Fraser-Jenkins; Narrow Scaly Male Fern; Narrow Golden-scaled Male Fern
Four subspecies have been defined by Fraser-Jenkins, of which two occur in Britain and Ireland. These are: D. cambrensis subsp. cambrensis and D. cambrensis subsp. pseudocomplexa.
Dryopteris cambrensis subsp. cambrensis Western Scaly Male Fern
Dryopteris cambrensis subsp. pseudocomplexa Scottish Male Fern
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